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The Life of Harlan, William H. Field lays the first transatlantic telegraph cable. McClellan is made commander of the Union mwn. Civil War. Farragut captures New Orleans.

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The Life of Harlan, William H. Field lays the first transatlantic telegraph cable.

McClellan is made commander of the Union forces. Civil War. Farragut captures New Orleans. Gatling invents the first practical machine gun.

Grant is made general in chief of all the Union armies. Constitution abolishes slavery. Macdonald becomes Canada's first prime minister.

Anthony and Elizabeth Cady Stanton publish Revolution. President Andrew Johnson is impeached by Congress moving and looking for connection acquitted by the Senate. Rockefeller founds the Standard Oil Company. Livingston in central Africa. T Barnum launches a traveling circus, museum and menagerie. Walter Clopton Wingfield invents lawn tennis. Centennial Exposition of is matried in Fairmount Park, Philadelphia.

Arthur is inaugurated as the 21st U. Curtis publishes the Lady's Home Journal magazine.

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Waterman invents the first fountain pen with an ink reservoir. Stanley introduces his safety cycle, the basic model for the modern bicycle.

Loud for the first ball-point london m4m escort. Corbett wins the heavyweight boxing championship from John L. Dole, is elected president Wells publishes The War of the Worlds. Secretary womsn State John M. Hay advocates an Open Door Policy for China. Territory; Sanford Dole serves as the first governor. Jeffries beats Jim Corbett to retain the heavyweight boxing title. Gillette founds the American Safety Razor Company.

Berger and Eugene V.

Debs help found the American Socialist party. Supreme Court. Womsn founds the Industrial Workers of the World. Du Bois forms the Niagara Movement to demand full civil rights for black Americans.

Dreadnought, the first modern battleship, is launched. Pure Seeoing and Drugs Online sex chatroom. Synge writes The Playboy of the Western World. Peary reaches the North Pole. Sperry des the first American gyrocompass.

Chesterton publishes the first Father Brown story. Whitehead publish Prostitutes mackay Mathematica. Lawrence publishes Sons and Lovers. De Mille. Handy writes the St.

Louis Blues. Marines land at On in Mexico; President Huerta res. Griffith's movie The Birth of a Nation is shown for the first time. Marines land in Haiti, beginning a year period of military occupation. House of Representatives. Marines land in Santo Domingo to quell unrest; the occupation lasts until Eliot publishes The Love Song of J.

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Alfred Prufrock. Wodehouse creates Bertie Wooster and his butler Jeeves. Lawrence Lawrence of Arabia le the Arab revolt against the Turks. Constitution gives women the right to vote.

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Senate votes against ing the League of Nations. MacKenzie King is elected prime minister of Canada for the first time.

Eliot writes The Waste Land. Cosgrave becomes the tahiti babes prime minister of the Irish Free State. Cummings writes the novel The Enormous Room.

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Luce found the weekly newsmagazine Time. Madried Mille directs the biblical epic The Ten Commandments. Harding dies; Calvin Coolidge is inaugurated as the 30th U. Forster publishes A Passage To India. Congress investigates suspicious dealings in the Teapot Dome scandal. Scott Fitzgerald publishes The Great Gatsby. Chrysler founds the Chrysler Corporation.

Refworld | Country Reports on Human Rights Practices - Russia

Scopes is tried in Tennessee for teaching the theory of evolution. Open and the British Open tournaments. Milne writes the children's book Winnie-the-Pooh. Byrd and Floyd Bennett make the spanking escorts in adelaide airplane flight over the North Pole.

Marines land in Nicaragua to suppress a revolution they depart in